Look for surprises in the preliminary groups

One of the ways to win from sports betting is to look for surprises and use their big coefficients. In the next few lines you will read about such looking for surprises which, however, needs time and analysis.

In a nutshell, looking for surprises in this betting strategy concerns tournaments with preliminary groups which are followed by elimination stages that define the winner. If we look closer in such tournaments, quite often we can see in the groups surprising losses of the favourites, which by losing the game avoid some of the other favourites in the direct eliminations.

During the Table Tennis World Cup, the team of Japan which is one of the favourites lost from the weaker team of England with 0:3. At the end of the team games it turned out that in this way the Japanese avoided the super favorite team of China which they can still meet at the final. As for the English, if luck is on their side they will meet the Chinese at the semifinal.

The football world cup is one month away. If we look at the preliminary groups, we will be able to spot at least a few suitable sunken rocks. Especially after the first two rounds when the favourites will assure their places in the elimination stage and the places in the different flows will be left to be defined.

Such selection of games needs effort but it can prove to be worthy with winning bets with coefficients over 5. Furthermore, you don’t need to know much about the shape of the players. The bookies give odds for the winner of every tournament allowing us to spot the big favourites without the need to know the sport. In the above mentioned example from the Table Tennis World Cup, the odds for the final champion for China is 1.01. It is obvious why Japan decided not to show their best game against England, isn’t it?

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